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So I’m at work on a Monday morning in ‘internet surfing mode’ – you know, where the part of your brain that separates us from monkeys goes to sleep and you mindlessly read all the crap on your screen and impulsively click links.

I just happened to have had a new version of Windows installed on my machine last week, which reset all my browser settings, so I now have the default AOL homepage.

This stupid headline came up and single-handedly made me want to start writing this blog again:

Sandra Bullock's Dress at the Oscars 2012

Sandra Bullock at the 2012 Oscars

Why does this piss me off so much exactly? I’m not sure, to be honest. Maybe it’s because it actually made me have the immediately reaction that goes something like ‘Duh, what?? Sandra’s dress is EATING her?”, before my brain kicks back in with “God damnit…” and “who gives a shit?”.

It’s that sensationalist crap that media writers constantly regurgitate, trying to make the nonsense they write about seem more interesting.

Here’s the actual dress:

Image from

Does that look like it’s eating anything?

But then I saw the NEXT slide and I realized where Sandra was in real danger of being eaten:

Image from

What a waste of time. I can’t believe I even posted this.