“Why Are You Doing Sex To Me Obama?”

Posted: November 23, 2009 in In The News, Retarded Americans, Tribute to a Retard
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Hopefully all of you idiots out there who voted for “change you can believe in” have realized that there has been… absolutely no change since Obama has been in office. Now, arguably Mr. Obama’s penchant for doing nothing is preferable to Mr. Bush’s propensity to screw everything up, but nonetheless I think we were all hoping for a little bit more after Obama’s great marketing campaign. It seems his strategy is more or less to stick his head in the sand and hope everything is better when he pulls it out – how could it get worse, right? Well, unfortunately it’s not really working and things are still getting slightly worse.

But anyway, enough political commentary – after not being funny for quite some time, Saturday Night Live decided to create some pretty funny and surprisingly honest comedy in regards to our president.

Please keep in mind that it starts off VERY SLOW and gets funny around 3:30, but you will want to at least listen a bit before to set the stage:

(Youtube took down the Video, so I have to send you to this website:

  1. VOR says:

    I guess you don’t see the irony of your blog’s title with a posting like this?

    Obama has done nothing? Really?

    Where do you get your facts from? Fox news? An SNL skit? Who’s really stupid?

    I don’t feel like wasting too much time for someone who may not be interested in facts but here is a little bit of evidence:
    http://digg.com/d31AOHQ – In progress… anyone who is annoyed with the delay is too stupid to realize how complex this process is.

    You really expect Obama to fix the mess created over the past eight years in one year? Are YOU stupid?

  2. thestupidamerican says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. My opinion is that Obama was propped up by a liberal-controlled media, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize mere months after he took office (nonsense, and continued proof of manipulations) and has since continued to worsen our nation’s debt.

  3. sdc says:

    >Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    You are absolutely correct. You have the right to look every bit as foolish as any other uninformed foolish person.

    Let’s make one thing clear, your blog is your opinion and not factual.

    If you were factual, you would have been much more positive toward President Obama b/c in his short time in office, he has more [positive] accomplishments than Doub-ya Bush did in eight years in office. In fact, it is entirely unfair to Obama to compare him to the train-wreak Bush.

    It is interesting that SNL or any of the other ‘liberal’ media SUDDENLY becomes “surprisingly honest” only when it conforms to your own beliefs.

  4. thestupidamerican says:

    1. It is implicit that what I blog about is my opinion and I make no claims that what I say here is absolute fact. So thanks Captain Obvious

    2. You are right, comparing Obama to George Bush IS unfair – it’s not fair that Obama had such a moronic predecessor that his ineffectiveness is actually seen as an improvement. A clear example of what American has become.

    Lots of anger from this post. Love it!

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